Does it matters who you play? In this episode, Steve talks about Dak’s Prescott performance and the numbers he put up and how they stack up in NFL History week ones. He also walked down history lane with 40 year old Tom Brady and his dominance of the Patriots, and how maniac crazy Antonio Brown will join this already potent offense.

Finally, we talk a same old Browns and same old bad analytics with this team!

Week 1 Key Summaries – Who you play matters Dak Prescott

  • Dak Prescott had a terrific output in this game. He misfired on just seven attempts, going 25-of-32 for a ridiculous 405 yards and four touchdowns. None of these numbers were illegitimate, as he shredded the Giants with tremendous precision. One of his best throws was a great fade to Michael Gallup down the sideline. Another was a beautiful rainbow fade to Amari Cooper, who easily beat first-round cornerback DeAndre Baker off the line of scrimmage. But that leads me to my main take-away, which is that it’s difficult to trust what we saw in this game. The Giants, now without Olivier Vernon and Landon Collins, might have the worst defense in the NFL. They’re sorely lacking at every position and each level of their stop unit. I have a feeling that almost every quarterback who battles them this year will be able to perform on an All-Pro level, and therefore it matters who you play.

Week 1 Key Summaries – Your Opponent matters Mike Tomlin and Baker Mayfield

  • The Patriots have owned the Steelers over the years, but it’s never been like this. The Steelers are often competitive, but they weren’t anywhere close to New England in this latest version of their rivalry. The Patriots dominated, which is scary, considering that they didn’t even have Antonio Brown available yet.
  • I didn’t think the Browns would be as good as people thought they’d be because of high expectations and a questionable offensive line, but wow. I did not expect a 30-point loss to Tennessee. A breakout year was expected for the Browns, but they killed themselves with 18 penalties for 182 lost yards and three Baker Mayfield interceptions. Tennessee capitalized on the mistakes, and new Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith called a great game using Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and Delanie Walker to put points on the board.

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