Pro football can look past allegations of predatory behavior toward women, but making the NFL look bad is a different story and you will look like a Clown Show.

The demise of Brown’s career has been stunningly swift. Here’s a brief synopsis of his past two weeks: He’s been accused of rape and sexual misconduct by two women. He’s been released by two teams, the Raiders and the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. He’s cost himself countless millions in salary and endorsements, with Nike dropping him and the Raiders voiding his $30 million contract. Whether the Patriots will ever pay him the $9 million he was guaranteed for this season is very much in doubt. Then, on Sunday, Brown all but retired, writing on Twitter that he wouldn’t play in the National Football League as long as owners could void contracts whenever they wanted.

I cover that, the NFL Week 3 Review, and the summary of the MLB season especially the Chicago Cubs! In many ways this era in Chicago has mirrored his Boston experiences, and this will force the Cubs as an organization to look at themselves in the same way that Boston had to struggle through an identity crisis when Epstein left in 2012.

Bunch of clown shows this week!
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