A couple of weeks before the start of the 2019-20 NBA regular season, the league finds itself involved in a controversy with China stemming from a now-deleted tweet from Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. In the tweet, Morey gave a message of support to protesters in Hong Kong who are currently involved in demonstrations that began in opposition to controversial proposed legislation.

Morey’s tweet was met with considerable backlash from Chinese authorities, while several different parties, including NBA commissioner Adam Silver, have weighed in on the issue. The latest to add his voice to the conversation is none other than LeBron James. The timeline of events has been lengthy. Below is a rundown of how we got from Morey’s tweet to the current situation between China and the NBA along with the latest on this constantly evolving situation.


Then this mess with the NFL; We are being reminded on Every Given Sunday, and most recently on Any Given Monday night, that someone needs to throw the flag on officiating in the NFL before the public trust is destroyed.

No one, least of all the zebras, seems to know what pass interference is anymore, and we watched the Lions get robbed in Green Bay because the men in stripes twice called hands to the face penalties against DE Trey Flowers when a national television audience could see, with or without replay, how blatantly wrong they were. And there were other calls that screwed the Lions.

To err is human, but never have NFL officials appeared this human.

Advances in technology over the years have upped the urgency to get the calls right, yet coach’s pass interference challenges are ignored even when the call begs to be overturned. Clear and obvious visual evidence has apparently not been clear and obvious to the officials. Or to senior VP of officiating Al Riveron, who from his New York command center persists in subscribing to the nothing-to-see-here theory.

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