NFL Research offers the best nuggets from each week of games in the NFL. In today’s episode, I changed the pace and went over some statistics for Week 8. Also for the NBA, I had a few takes and remarks to Week 1.

P.S Can someone tell LeBron James to let his hairline go?!!!


Are the Warriors really this bad and the Suns really this good?

The first week of the 2019-20 season certainly didn’t contradict the notion that there were more unknowns than usual across the league. And while Phoenix (with their win over the Clippers on Saturday) is the best story so far, it’s hard not to focus on the teams that are off to alarming starts: Golden State, Indiana and Sacramento.

Of course, Week 2 provides the first opportunity for those teams to get things moving in the right direction. And maybe it will provide more clarity in regard to who’s the best team in the league. With the Bucks and Clippers both losing on Saturday, with the 2-0 Nuggets needing overtime to beat the Suns at home on Friday, and with the 2-0 Sixers needing a second-half comeback to Blake-Griffin-less Pistons, none of the early favorites are off to a dominant start.

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