As “Nuke” LaLoosh said in Bull Durham, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.”

That movie will never go out of style.

After another fascinating weekend of NFL action … Kyle Shanahan is a genius. The Vikings never had a chance. The best team from the regular season has abruptly entered its offseason. And Russell Wilson put on a show but couldn’t get a win, Aaron Rodgers is still a BAAAADDD MANNNN.

You can’t make this stuff up. Or — considering it’s Bill O’Brien, after all — maybe you can. At 21-0, I understood the field goal to make it 24-0, even if I personally would’ve had Deshaun Watson go for the jugular on fourth-and-1. O’Brien’s safe decision at least made some sense, whether you agreed with it or not. But running a fake punt on fourth-and-4 at your own 31-yard line while leading 24-7? That’s indefensible, clueless, season/soul-crushing. Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of thing we’ve become accustomed to seeing from the Texans‘ head coach.

O’Brien’s in-game coaching is consistently mind-numbing, but that outrageous fake punt attempt stood out as one of his worst moves yet. It changed everything, leading to the aforementioned onslaught by Mahomes and Co. It was simply brutal.

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