In today’s episode, Steve talks about the impact of the Coronavirus on major sports currently, the state of the players, precautions needed to be taken and how games in general will be affected on the basketball court, soccer fields, and NHL plains, and much much more.

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EP69 - Coronavirus

Sports leagues and federations across the world are addressing the coronavirus outbreak.

Most North American sports leagues, including Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL are monitoring the situation, with moves such as canceling or postponing games or holding events without spectators in attendance emerging as possibilities as the virus and COVID-19 continue to spread around the world.

Leagues in other parts of the world are taking action by canceling events and playing in empty stadiums.

NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL: In a joint statement, the four leagues announced Monday that all team locker rooms and clubhouses will be open only to players and essential team employees “until further notice.” The media will not be allowed in locker rooms.

NBA: In a memo sent Saturday, the league asked each team have a plan in place by Monday to handle the spread of the virus. The memo also recommended that teams’ traveling parties, which often include guests and support staff, be limited to “essential individuals only.” No plans have been made to cancel games or bar fans from attending. However, the league is asking teams to come up with contingency plans if one of them decides to ban spectators from games. In a statement, Staples Center encouraged fans who are planning to attend events at the arena to “engage in safe hygiene practices” and “stay home if they feel unwell.”

MLB: Commissioner Rob Manfred plans to discuss the coronavirus with team owners in a conference call Monday. But at this stage, the league plans to open the season in 2 1/2 weeks as planned. The league has established an internal task force to deal with issues related to coronavirus in the coming months, according to a memo sent to high-ranking baseball officials on Tuesday obtained by ESPN. The memo advises players not to shake hands with fans and not use pens and markers from fans to sign autographs.

NFL: NFL Media reported Tuesday that the league is “closely monitoring developments” related to the coronavirus and that it is still planning to hold the NFL draft in Las Vegas on April 23-25. The NFL’s annual meeting, which is attended by team owners, general managers and coaches, is still scheduled to be held March 29-April 1 in Palm Beach, Fla.

NHL: Commissioner Gary Bettman told the Associated Press that the league had not reached the point of considering games being played without fans. All NHL employees have been barred from traveling outside North America for business purposes. Scouts based in Europe have to stay in Europe or be quarantined upon arriving in North America, Bettman said.

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