In today’s episode with catch up with Janelle Rodriguez, host of ESPN’s Now or Never. We talked about her career in sports, her current day to day, George’ Floyd’s death impact on society, how we are going to move forward and other various subjects.

Also we play a game of Pick Em with food, people and places.

Don’t miss out on this fun sit down interview!

Janelle Rodriguez Mini Biography

Janelle Rodriguez is a South Florida native that began her career at a very young age. She started taking dance classes for fun at age 5, where she was approached to participate in a television show known as Sabado Gigante to be apart of their children ensemble making appearances thru out the season in comedy sketches, dancing or on their children judges panel .

Since then Janelle was continually booked for national campaign commercials, such as McDonald’s, Pepsi (featuring Shakira), Red Lobster, and more. At age 7 she landed a lead hosting role in a children’s bilingual television series known as “El show de Lucky” where she filmed 62 episodes. In 2005 she was invited to perform ballroom at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. In 2005

Janelle Rodriguez

Initially, it was music that gave Janelle the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles. Music Producer, Andrew Lane (High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Disneymania 4, and Manny Fresh) took interest in her and they began to collaborate on projects. It was not until Fall of 2011 that she made the decision to move to Los Angeles to study her craft and broaden her opportunities in her career.

Upon her move Janelle Rodriguez has danced in the MTV VMAs, ABC American Music Awards, Shake it Up Chicago and Austin & Ally.

Janelle Marie made her debut as an actress in the TNT Michael Bay Series “The Last Ship” with her role of Karina in July 2014. She has made guest appearances on NBC’s Constantine and most recently CBS’s NCIS: LA with over 11 million viewers.

Currently Janelle Marie is a host for ESPN’s Now or Never.

You’ll Also Learn

  • Janelle’s outlook on America and the future after George Floyd’s death
  • Her success story
  • A day In the Life of Janelle Marie
  • Twix or Snickers

Dios mío 😫 es ciertoooo! EstÑn conmigo o no? #latina #singlelife #fyp

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