StatMan – Episode #8 f.t. Omar Bourne – Punch him in the face! I’ll take your $125K

In this week’s episode Steve and guest co-host Omar Bourne talk NBA; the early Los Angeles Lakers struggles and also the Mayweather like uppercut from Rondo and Chris Paul.

They also touched on the new NBA G-League 125K payments. Omar also jumped on the Chiefs bandwagon! Did Tom Brady really beat another high-powered defense again? Mike Vrabel went for 2 points instead of one because he didn’t want to be in London anymore.

Steve covers the NBA recent pace by referencing the ridiculous 113.9 pts/game scored by the entire NBA. Will it last? FIND OUT on this week’s episode.

Who is Omar and why does he care about the NBA?

The Giants might as well just lose the rest of the games so they can get a high draft pick; #1 pick if possible. They need to move on from Eli Manning


Omar Bourne is the Deputy Press Secretary at the New York City Emergency Management Department. Omar has responded to various disasters and emergencies in New York City, including the East Village building collapse 2015, a number of winter storms, and preparations for Hurricanes Joaquin, Matthew, and Jose, and Tropical Storm Hermine. He recently deployed to assist in the response efforts in Puerto Rico. As Deputy Press Secretary, Omar assists the press secretary in day-to-day press operations and serves as one of the agency’s spokespersons, helping to develop and distribute information to the news media. Omar has spearheaded the creation of New York City’s emergency management podcast “Prep Talk” and serves as a writer and co-host for the show. Prior to joining NYC Emergency Management, Omar worked as an Assignment Editor at Fox 5 News WNYW.

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