Episode #63: Are the Lakers really this good?

Are the Lakers really this good? In today’s episode we talk about things I learned from the NFL championship weekend and also whether the Los Angeles Lakers are really as good we make them out to be.

What you will learn today

  • The Chiefs came back to beat the Titans and the 49ers crushed the Packers. The matchup is set for Super Bowl LIV.
  • Patrick Mahomes has more than one way to beat you.Β Β According to the N.F.L.’s NextGen Stats, Mahomes was running 10.92 miles per hour when he released the ball
  • San Francisco’s running back-by-committee is now a committee of one.
  • Something may be wrong with Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • I also go over the Lakers early schedule, their opponents, win loss record and whom those 9 losses came against and why they matter more than the 34 wins.

Enjoy the episode today!!
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