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Episode #75 | The Last Dance | EP05 & EP06 | MJ Off-court Grievances

Michael Jordan’s gambling and Grudges In last week’s episode we highlighted MJ’s first championship and how Phil Jackson played a big role into all of this. This week we...

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Episode #74 | The Last Dance Review EP03 and EP04 f.t Mario Broussard

The Last Dance Review | Episode 03 and Episode 04 As we did last week, we continued with the The Last Dance documentary review. This time we break down...

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StatMan – Episode #69: Coronavirus’ impact on major sports currently

In today’s episode, Steve talks about the impact of the Coronavirus on major sports currently, the state of the players, precautions needed to be taken and how games in...

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StatMan – Episode #68: Why the 2020 NBA MVP Is Over

The 2020 NBA MVP is over and in this episode I will explain in detail why. Regardless of what criteria we use Giannis is the winner by a mile....

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Episode #67: Sports has a weird way of aligning things; Kobe Bryant Memorial & Events After

That’s the main topic today but You’ll Also Learn Michael Jordan’s Crying Meme joke. Sabrina Ionescu NCAA Record on 2.24.20 Brady Beal’s historic 50 point back to back night...

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Episode #65: Damian Lillard deserves our respect

Damian Lillard deserves our respect and the NBA body needs to show it by its actions here is why… Since the NBA introduced the three-point field goal in the...

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Born in Colombia, South America, Steve moved to the Caribbean (Curacao and St. Maarten) as a child where his parents allowed him to evolved into sports. During his time there he played baseball, basketball and football (soccer). He enjoyed and was very good at basketball. Over time his love for sports and analyzing them grew. At the age of 16 he moved to the United States of America where he now resides and his passion grew even more because he was now able to have access to information he never had before and today some of his friends call him the “Walking Sports Encyclopedia.” 

There is always three sides of the story and one of them is always the truth. Someone once said “Men lie, Women lie but Stats don’t.” Well, you know he stands!

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