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Episode #64: My Kobe Bryant Tribute (1978-2020)

In today’s episode, my Kobe Bryant Tribute, I tried to keep my composure and failed miserable when talking about Kobe Bean Bryant and his influence in the basketball world,...

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Episode #63: Are the Lakers really this good?

Are the Lakers really this good? In today’s episode we talk about things I learned from the NFL championship weekend and also whether the Los Angeles Lakers are really...

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Episode #62 | Why Bill O’Brien, just why? – STATMAN –

As “Nuke” LaLoosh said in Bull Durham, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.” That movie will never go out of style. After another fascinating weekend of...

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Episode #61 | 32 Things I Learned this past NFL Wild Card Weekend

The 32 things I learned from wild-card weekend of the 2019 NFL playoffs: Over the course of two days, the N.F.L. saw its playoff field upended, with the No....

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Episode #60 | 2020 NFL Wild Card Weekend Breakdown and Prediction

Welcome to a new decade and the new year 2020! We want to start of the year right with the breakdown of the 2020 NFL Wild Card Weekend Breakdown...

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Episode #59 | Dynamic Duos & Drew Brees consistency

We are back from a two week hiatus! — In today’s episode we are talking about the Twitter poll circling around who would win a game of 21 between...

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Born in Colombia, South America, Steve moved to the Caribbean (Curacao and St. Maarten) as a child where his parents allowed him to evolved into sports. During his time there he played baseball, basketball and football (soccer). He enjoyed and was very good at basketball. Over time his love for sports and analyzing them grew. At the age of 16 he moved to the United States of America where he now resides and his passion grew even more because he was now able to have access to information he never had before and today some of his friends call him the “Walking Sports Encyclopedia.” 

There is always three sides of the story and one of them is always the truth. Someone once said “Men lie, Women lie but Stats don’t.” Well, you know he stands!

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