Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement has sent shockwaves across the NFL over the past two days. Luck, who is just 29 years old, said his continued battle with injuries has ultimately led to his decision to hang up his cleats after just seven seasons and 86 regular season games. Luck said his decision to retire is based on how the injuries he has consistently endured over the past four years has taken their toll on him both physically and mentally.

We often look at athletes with awe and envy, blessed with genetic gifts most can only wonder at possessing. But those gifts often come with a price, the unreal expectation that an athlete won’t falter on the field or give in to injury.

I break down the shocking retirement, the numbers he amassed, what they mean for the rest of the NFL and the Colts moving forward!
Statistics Used in Today’s Episode

  1. Andrew Luck (6 seasons)
  2. Barry Sanders
  3. Jim Brown
  4. Calvin Johnson

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