The NBA lost the plot last season and I have 20 burning questions for this upcoming NBA Season. The show became more important than the game, to the point where the very superstars that created the social media frenzy supposedly powering interest in the league balked when interest in their futures inevitably overshadowed their actual work product. It was uncomfortable watching Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and many others come to the same realization Truman Burbank did when he realized his entire life was being broadcasted to billions of consumers and he had little choice but to play along.

That better not happen again this year. A whirlwind free agency left the title chase wide open and created an on-court product that even the most inept salesperson should have no trouble promoting. If the NBA can’t find a way to make actual basketball compelling to the masses this year, we have a serious problem. There’s no superstar free agent drama on the horizon to distract us, nor is there any dominant-yet-stale superteam there to turn the regular season into something between a complete waste of time and a weighty existential dilemma. This season should be all about the basketball, and that’s ultimately why we devote so much of our time to following this silly league.

Here we go

In that spirit, I’ve crafted 20 burning basketball questions that will decide the league’s trajectory this season. You won’t see anything about trade targets on this list, and this is also a Giannis Antetokunmpo speculation-free zone. Instead, these are 20 questions that directly pertain to what happens on the actual basketball court. I can’t wait to find out the answers.

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