aaron rodgers

Episode #94: If You Are Healthy, You Play & NFL Week 13 Records Broken

EPISODE 94 Overview NBA Load Management Steve talks about the new NBA policy about “REST”. The never-ending debate about load management and resting players continued Monday, thanks to a new policy implemented by the NBA. This season, teams will be fined at least $100,000 if they are found to be resting healthy players for nationally…

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StatMan – Episode #46 | Our 1 Year Anniversary & 2019 NFL Season Kick-Off Forecast

This is our 1 year Anniversary since we took the courage to take the journey of sports podcasting. I want to thank everyone behind the scenes who has encouraged and helped me get to this goal. Making it to one year in anything is an accomplishment especially something to you put so much work and…

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StatMan – Episode #9 – Is LeBron Really Better than MJ? And Rodgers better than Brady? Steph is the greatest shooter EVER!

GOATS?!!! Not the animal, but the Greatest Of All Time Debate! Steve tackles the missed opportunity by the Packers in the last 2 minutes. He also previews Rodgers vs Brady and directs his attention to the new MJ and LeBron GOAT debate. He then handles if Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time!…

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