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StatMan – Episode #56 | Lamar Jackson, the new Michael Vick? Surprise Celtics?

NFL — Is Lamar Jackson the new and improved Michael Vick? A week after Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram ran right over the Patriots, Jackson showed off his passing ability in a 49-13 blowout of Cincinnati. With three touchdown passes and just two incompletions, Jackson recorded his second perfect (158.3) passer rating of the season,…

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StatMan – Episode #51 | America Does Not Like Pretenders

In this week’s episode Steve talks about the Dallas Cowboys pretentious ways against good teams but puff out their chest vs the bad teams. Same as the Cleveland Browns. The theme this week is all about being cautious and WHY IT MATTERS THAT sports America does not like pretenders. Don’t claim to be one thing…

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StatMan – Episode #44 | Is Dak Prescott it and the NBA Schedule Release Overview by the Numbers

In today’s episode Steve talks about the first weekend of the EPL league and shared some statistics that gives an overview about what transpired. Also, he talks about Dak Prescott not being worth it. Finally, he goes over the NBA schedule for the 2019-2020. Below is the breakdown: The NBA today released its complete game…

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