EP82: Will Patrick Mahomes contract change sports forever?

Patrick Mahomes Big Contract Extension: Will it changes sports forever? Patrick Mahomes contract, which he signed a 10 year, $477 million dollar extension with incentives that can potentially make him $503 million. This is sports history with lots of numbers involved so we break them down into details, how it plays out for the chiefs,…

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Episode #78 f.t. Janelle Rodriguez | Host of ESPN’s Now or Never

In today’s episode with catch up with Janelle Rodriguez, host of ESPN’s Now or Never. We talked about her career in sports, her current day to day, George’ Floyd’s death impact on society, how we are going to move forward and other various subjects. Also we play a game of Pick Em with food, people…

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StatMan – Episode #7 Special Edition Part I – f.t. ESPN Antonietta Collins

In Part I of Episode #07 we had a sit-down interview with ESPN anchor Antonietta Collins. We talked about her recent vacation to Europe and Camp Nou, where she visited the holy ground of Lionel Messi. We also touched upon her personal life and the hurdles she faced as a woman. Also, in the sports…

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