EP82: Will Patrick Mahomes contract change sports forever?

Patrick Mahomes Big Contract Extension: Will it changes sports forever? Patrick Mahomes contract, which he signed a 10 year, $477 million dollar extension with incentives that can potentially make him $503 million. This is sports history with lots of numbers involved so we break them down into details, how it plays out for the chiefs,…

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StatMan – Episode #49 | A Clown Show till it is gone!

Pro football can look past allegations of predatory behavior toward women, but making the NFL look bad is a different story and you will look like a Clown Show. The demise of Brown’s career has been stunningly swift. Here’s a brief synopsis of his past two weeks: He’s been accused of rape and sexual misconduct…

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StatMan – Episode #43 – Call It What It Is

In today’s episode, Steve touches talks about his experience of being an immigrant in the United States of America, the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio shooting, the effects it will have and has currently on our sports culture. He also focuses on what we need to do as a nation in order to stop…

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