StatMan – Episode #9 – Is LeBron Really Better than MJ? And Rodgers better than Brady? Steph is the greatest shooter EVER!

GOATS?!!! Not the animal, but the Greatest Of All Time Debate! Steve tackles the missed opportunity by the Packers in the last 2 minutes. He also previews Rodgers vs Brady and directs his attention to the new MJ and LeBron GOAT debate. He then handles if Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time!…

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StatMan – Episode #8 f.t. Omar Bourne – Punch him in the face! I’ll take your $125K

In this week’s episode Steve and guest co-host Omar Bourne talk NBA; the early Los Angeles Lakers struggles and also the Mayweather like uppercut from Rondo and Chris Paul. They also touched on the new NBA G-League 125K payments. Omar also jumped on the Chiefs bandwagon! Did Tom Brady really beat another high-powered defense again?…

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StatMan – Episode #7 Special Edition Part II – NBA Preview 18/19 Season

Part II of Episosde #7 – What would it take for the Warriors to drop from the No. 1 spot? A major injury to a star? Two major injuries? A resurgent Carmelo Anthony who somehow turns the Rockets‘ offense into one of the best we’ve ever seen? There isn’t much that’ll knock the Warriors off…

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