StatMan – Episode #6 – 71 Different Receivers, UFC is Real Life WWE, Sexual Assault?

In this week’s episode of StatMan Sports Podcast, Steve covers that antics of Khabib in UFC 229 v.s. Connor McGregor. He also goes on the Atlanta Falcons for destroying Julio Jones’ season so far. He then goes on a list reading of Tom Brady’s bizarre NFL Record broken over the weekend, and he talks about…

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StatMan – Episode 02 – NFL Week 1 Recap, Khalil Mack Attack, A tie in Cleveland, Serena Williams Meltdown

Have you ever felt triggered by illogical decisions by your favorite football team? The second episode of the StatMan Sports Podcast we covered the NFL Week 1 Recap f.t. one legged Aaron Rodgers, a tie game between the Browns/Steelers, 7 hours at a football game? Khalil Mack’s worth to the Bears and Raiders. Serena Williams…

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StatMan – Episode 01 – New Millionares Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham, a Tennis Catsuite and UEFA POY Award

Our first episode of the StatMan Sports Podcast we covered in depth the Tennis French federation’s ban of Serena Williams’ catsuite and how it affects the game moving forward. We also discussed UEFA Player of Year Award bizarre shortlist (hint: Messi off) Also, talked some NFL news by justifying whether Odell Beckham’s and Aaron Rodgers’…

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