Patrick Mahomes

EP83: EA nfl Madden Ratings Matter

In today’s episode, we explore the recent NFL Madden ratings, the issues we have with them and why they matter in 2020. We also talk about some interesting occurrences in the NBA bubble, and finish it off with our hot take on the Washington NFL franchise and the name change. Below you will find an…

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EP82: Will Patrick Mahomes contract change sports forever?

Patrick Mahomes Big Contract Extension: Will it changes sports forever? Patrick Mahomes contract, which he signed a 10 year, $477 million dollar extension with incentives that can potentially make him $503 million. This is sports history with lots of numbers involved so we break them down into details, how it plays out for the chiefs,…

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StatMan – Episode #8 f.t. Omar Bourne – Punch him in the face! I’ll take your $125K

In this week’s episode Steve and guest co-host Omar Bourne talk NBA; the early Los Angeles Lakers struggles and also the Mayweather like uppercut from Rondo and Chris Paul. They also touched on the new NBA G-League 125K payments. Omar also jumped on the Chiefs bandwagon! Did Tom Brady really beat another high-powered defense again?…

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