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Episode #76 | Crying MJ | The Last Dance Review EP07-EP08

Chronicles of the new Crying MJ This week we continue exploring “The Last Dance” Episode 07 and 08 where we get Crying MJ, his leadership come into question, his baseball stint, the motivation after Michael’s dad past away, the “Double Nickel” game, and ultimately the 72-10 Chicago Bulls run.  If you haven’t listened to last…

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Episode #75 | The Last Dance | EP05 & EP06 | MJ Off-court Grievances

Michael Jordan’s gambling and Grudges In last week’s episode we highlighted MJ’s first championship and how Phil Jackson played a big role into all of this. This week we explore the main key highlights especially Michael Jordan’s grievances off the court, his gambling/competitive sides and how it affected him mentally during the infamous 1993 playoffs…

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Episode #74 | The Last Dance Review EP03 and EP04 f.t Mario Broussard

The Last Dance Review | Episode 03 and Episode 04 As we did last week, we continued with the The Last Dance documentary review. This time we break down Episode Three and Episode Four with a long time friend Mario Broussard who is a co-host himself on another TV show called Let’s Pray .  The…

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